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I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Reach A High 6-Figure Income Over The Next 12 Months!

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Hello Health and Wellness professionals, Nutritionists
and Fitness entrepreneurs!

Ready to finally make a lot of money in your business so you can level up in all areas of your life? 


Recently I had a dietician admit she’d only made two sales in one year’s time.  She holds a master’s degree in dietetics with a ton of knowledge to help today’s struggling consumer of the Standard American Diet (SAD), but she can’t afford to do it because of her own struggles with nailing down the marketing and business systems.


She was making what is called poverty level income. This is common in the solo-preneur health and wellness niche.  

But it doesn’t have to be!

Health and fitness schools are churning out wellness coaching and fitness certifications by the thousands but without equipping them with the proper knowledge to start and run a business successfully. 


It seems these certification programs know more about marketing and high ticket than their students do. 


I’d like to change that. 

I’m Crystal O’Connor and I have a passion with health and wellness and even more for the small business owner.  I started Moxie Entrepreneur in 2009 but it wasn’t until 2010 that I really learned what it took to run a business online and make six figures and beyond. 


When I implemented the systems I learned in my many years of marketing in the weight loss industry, T.V. ad sales, commercial real estate and helping small business owners with their advertising, I knew I could teach others how to as well.


There are millions of health and wellness professionals living off pennies unnecessarily while their own health and wellness is sacrificed.  


The stress of running a business online hasn’t gotten easier as some may have touted.  It’s only become more competitive and even more expensive. This wreaks havoc on your health and lifestyle. 


That’s why I know I can help.  With the right coaching, skills, and tools you can absolutely have the high six figure income from your business while helping people achieve a level of health they’ve never experienced before.

Let Me Tell You About Myself...

it's time to stop throwing tactics out there hoping they'll work...

Stop spending precious time and energy 

doing the wrong things and getting no results.

If you want to build a successful high six figure business in the health and wellness industry as a business owner you’ll need make revenue and profit right away!


One of the riskiest things you can do in the 21st century is rely on just one stream of income. 


So, I’ll teach you how to create multiple streams in your business. 


I developed the program Wealthy Wellness Academy to teach you exactly what to do in order create revenue, profits, and more wealth in your life. 

And here’s more of what you’ll learn in this 12 month program:

  • How to attract ideal clients that are perfect for your wellness niche so you’re working with those you LOVE to help because what you do works.

  • ​How to price and promote your service and products using cutting edge strategies that are working today online so you’re not wasting money and time without results anymore!

  • ​How to write and use hot copy that attracts your ideal clients in your headlines to pull them in, which helps them buy from you

  • How to build a list of qualified leads that will generate income for you every month with the right nurturing

  • ​The exact tools I’ve used and how to set them up to streamline your business to run smoothly and automatically so you’re saving time and energy and doing what you love most

  • ​How to charge high ticket and how this can help you fund your business AND attract high level clients that love you

  • ​How to take on more than one client at a time and not feel overwhelmed and stressed with too many clients and not enough time

  • How to create highly effective marketing funnels WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars using latest technology that sell for you once they are set up

  • ​How to create a signature product and program that will get you more attention and make you known for something which helps people remember you and buy from you instantly

  • How to effortlessly sell on camera without anxiety and feelings of insecurity so you stop procrastinating and avoid being seen

  • How to set up an event like a podcast and more so that people learn from you and like you which triggers them to buy from you because we are all attracted to what’s familiar 

It’s time to level up your wealth and their health!

If you’re ready to create more income, wealth and uplevel your lifestyle without ruining your own health --- while helping a lot more people doing what you love,  join the Wealthy Wellness Academy. 


Author of Unleash Your Moxie

Barbara Corcoran

Billionaire Investor, ABC's Shark Tank star
& author of Shark Tales

"Crystal's written the Ultimate How-To book for female Entrepreneurs. She'll set you on the road to starting your own successful business in no time.

Loral Langmeier

NY Times Best Selling Author
& Millionaire Maker for Entrepreneur's 

"Crystal will wake up and shake up your life. She's got the 'it' factor. She's a raw, honest truth-teller, straight up. Crystal will leave you super-charged. It's about time someone wrote a book like Unleash Your Moxie."

Kevin Harrington

King of TV Info-mericals, CEO of As Seen on TV & original Shark Tank cast member

"Unleash Your Moxie is wise & inspiring. Crystal's passion leaps off the page. I'd recommend ANY entrepreneur read Crystal's book, not just women! It's sure to help you create your own personal economy with HUGE success!"

This is your defining moment.

The decision is now.

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